A world class lineup awaits. Check out the artists and schedule for Thaibreak Festival 2020 below.


Enjoy Thaibreak Festival to the fullest. Here's whats going on when and where.

Thursday / Day

A warm welcome to the beautiful island of Koh Mak. The very first Thaibreak Festival beats will greet you with a „Sun Set“ at the I-Talay Bar from the Thaibreak DJs.

Thursday / Night

Does a warm-up at 30° make sense? Superfluous. Let's look forward to the first night of Thaibreak Festival, to highly motivated DJs, nice people and the beautifully decorated Monkey Bar. Let yourself be enchanted by eclectic sets and a breathtaking scenery.

Friday Day / Thaibreak Cruise Part 1

Everything is better on a boat. Hot beats, cool drinks, dancing with friends, and the sea sparkling like a thousand diamonds make for the perfect party. Whatever floats your boat, you will not be disappointed. All aboard the Thaibreak Festival Cruise. When the sun slowly sinks into the sea, we return back to Koh Mak and ask ourselves: Did that really just happen? Don't miss it.

Friday Night

When the sun makes room for the moon and the stars begin to twinkle in the sky, you will be dancing to mesmerizing music. The main stage becomes a wonderland and either this is just a dream or you have finally arrived in heaven.

Saturday Day Thaibreak Cruise Part 2

Enjoy the beautiful nature of Koh Mak, go for some yoga, or enjoy a massage. At 2:00 pm, meet us at the pier and don’t be late. We will raise our anchors and set off on the second Thaibreak Cruise. In addition to the captain, our DJs and a well-stocked bar ensure that we all get up to speed very quickly.

Saturday Getaway

Oh what a night. And if you think that cannot be topped ... far from it! Pack your swimming trunks, it's time for our Saturday Getaway. From 2:00 pm on, the speed boats will begin leaving from Makathanee Pier to Koh Rayang (a roundtrip ticket costs 200 baht and can be purchased at the pier). This small neighboring island, with its white sandy beach, is just the thing for a Daytrip soundtracked by a stellar lineup.

Sunday Activities

On Sunday, enjoy a leisurely morning without an epic hangover. Use the day to explore Koh Mak and all the activities this beautiful island has to offer, then put your dance shoes back on and join us at I-Talay Bar starting at 18.00.

Sunday Last Dance

After four epic, unforgettable days and nights, it is slowly time for us to say goodbye. But if you thought we would make you spend the night alone in your bungalow, you are mistaken. Get ready for the Thaibreak Festival’s last night! Here we go, one last time.